Archsign in Japan

Archsign Director Peter Lombo participated last month in a Architectural Study Tour to Japan, organised by the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV). From the excitement and soaring towers of Tokyo to the sacred shrines and Zenryoku of Kyoto, the 10-day study tour is aimed to uncover the rich design culture of Japan. Balancing Architectural, Cultural and Culinary experiences; there were visits to major projects in Tokyo such as the Midtown complex, one of Tokyo’s largest mixed-use developments, including a deluxe hotel, residential, commercial offices, retail, museums and impressively landscaped grounds providing much needed green spaces in this metropolis of over 20 million inhabitants.

On the other end of the scale, the tour enjoyed visiting traditional townhouses, temples, palaces and historic structures; and always ending the day with fine Japanese cuisine dining. The tour gives great networking opportunities with fellow BDAV colleagues, and the chance to meet the broader members. Peter recollects his experience of the buzzing central Tokyo with it's mammoth sized skyscrapers, how clean everything was and the amazing public transport system, moving millions of people daily that makes Melbourne's seem more a joke than it already is. Highlights were visiting the Nezu Museum, Nagoya Castle, the Kitayama Forest, the Kitayama-Sugi-no-Sato factory, a crazy robot restaurant and the mysterious and beautiful Mount Fuji.