Archsign is currently embarking on one of our most audacious heritage projects, located in the heart of Brunswick at 1 Barkly Street. From the moment the 1910 home named Glenvale – with stables that once kept Clydesdales and maid’s quarters at the back – came on the market, it was in danger of being torn down.

The house interior was described as a 'Time Capsule' A working gramophone, decades-old newspapers displayed on a hall stand, vintage cookbooks in the kitchen, and sepia portraits – all discovered during the clean-up – added to its romance.

The relic Edwardian, built 105 years ago, was bought by a developer for a remarkable $3.4 million at auction. Enter Archsign, with a bite for heritage conservation we have been chosen as the designers, to create 6 contemporary townhouses at it's rear whilst maintaining the front heritage home to be restored and partially altered at it's rear for added space as a single dwelling, making it the jewel prize of the lot.

Stay tuned for future updates. 

Archsign proposed working drawings and 3D render.

Archsign proposed working drawings and 3D render.