Luncheon with Alleura

Archsign Director Peter Lombo along with Siti Hassan (Project coordinator) and Lachlan Michael (Building Designer M.Arch. B. Planning & Design) attended a luncheon at the sumptuous 'Bellota - Wine Bar and Food', with our clients of property development company 'Alleura' headed by Managing Director Kavitha Vipulananda and Development Manager Andrew Slawson. The luncheon was to celebrate a multi-residential collaboration project between Archsign and Alleura entitled 'Q Luxe' - located in Kew, Melbourne. Kavitha's response at the luncheon was "The success of a project I always believe is having a great team and I believe that is what we have for Q Luxe, so thanks for all your help with it. I am hoping to start building in February 2018. So hopefully this time next year we will be in fit-off and nearing completion."

'Q Luxe' Conceptual 3D Render.