The Archsign Story

With over 25 years of experience, Archsign is a premier building design practice with a pedigree in large-scale developments – and a reputation for adding value and certainty to our clients’ assets during the design phase.

In the past five years, our in-house team of combined building designers and planners have delivered $785 million worth of developments to the Melbourne property market and won many prestigious awards. Leveraging our knowledge of current market demand and on-trend design, we support private developers, foreign investors and major commercial clients in progressing their design vision from initial concept to construction completion.

Adopting a collaborative and hands-on approach, we work alongside clients to enhance their investment returns and drive their projects through a disciplined design process encompassing: feasibility, planning, design and market analysis. This blend of astute commercial thinking and exceptional design capability has made Archsign ‘The Design Partner of Choice’ for major investors looking to expand their current portfolio, or move into the Melbourne property market.

The Archsign design team always suggest the most practical and economical solutions tailored to our needs. They have always been trustworthy in helping us decide on the most beneficial market strategy.
— Olivia Shen - Evergreen Homesteads

Archsign brings over 25 years of building design and planning experience which means clients can depend on us to deliver, time and time again. We provide investors and developers with experienced project leaders, proven teams and a design process structured to deliver their vision in full. Over the years we have refined our business model and approach to provide clients with an immersive project team and experienced advice every step of the way.

Once our directors have resolved all required development outcomes, our town planning and design management teams develop projects under the leadership of experienced associates. Where required, we also engage with authorities, specialists and consultants to provide detailed advice and we can facilitate introductions to our partner and supplier networks. This combination of human talent and rigorous methodology enables us to consistently outperform our clients’ expectations and enhance their investment returns.

Archsign team Maurice, Peter and Lachlan with builder on a site inspection.

It has been easy to make majoy business decisions with Archsign’s advice and guidance for each project. Their prompt and honest approach to proposed developments has saved us a lot of time and money
— Frank Petroulis / Dimension 6

Your Local Building Experts

Visionary thinking is at the heart of everything we do and our team is passionate about creating buildings that think beyond the square. We work alongside clients to understand their development vision and design a signature style for their project. This is essential in creating buildings that inspire and spaces where people want to live.

Understanding the history and character of each site, and embracing these in the design, is key to realising the full potential of developments. Similarly, site and budget constraints can be the catalysts that unlock an exceptional design vision. These are the opportunities we look for with clients and when we talk about innovation, we’re talking about maximising the potential of our clients’ assets through sensible, well thought out and inspired design solutions.

This dual focus on design innovation and problem solving enables us to deliver on the one thing we’re most passionate about: realising our client’s success and taking another step forward in the creation of a trusted, long-term partnership.

Archsign team on construction site in Balwyn.

Having a background in Structural Engineering and my own Project Management firm, makes my requirements pretty particular with what I want and need within my development projects and I would always trust Peter and his team at Archsign to deliver. The team always have my best intentions in mind when providing me with advice and direction.
— Kavitha Vipulananda - Director Alleura Property Development


Archsign is a Committee of Management member of the Building Design Association of Victoria (BDAV) and the Building Practitioners’ Board (BPB).


Archsign are Gold sponsors of the James Marcon Foundation.  A non-profit organisation in aid and recovery of children and youth affected by mental illness.