Balwyn site visit

Archsign team members were on construction site yesterday in Balwyn for a visit. A new New Dual occupancy, working with VICON Group PL. We got some great shots including a drone on site (videos coming soon).

Archsign End of Year Party

On the night of December 22nd, the Archsign team gathered to have a party with our fellow clients and consultants to celebrate another successful year of design and services for Archsign. The venue was at 'The Woolshed' located in the Melbourne docklands. Delicious canapes and drinks were served all round and a DJ scratching cool vinyl beats on our very own private floor and balcony with harbor views. Was a fun filled night everyone enjoyed themselves and was a great way to all get together in a fun social environment outside of the office. 

A few snapshots from the night.

Luncheon with Alleura

Archsign Director Peter Lombo along with Siti Hassan (Project coordinator) and Lachlan Michael (Building Designer M.Arch. B. Planning & Design) attended a luncheon at the sumptuous 'Bellota - Wine Bar and Food', with our clients of property development company 'Alleura' headed by Managing Director Kavitha Vipulananda and Development Manager Andrew Slawson. The luncheon was to celebrate a multi-residential collaboration project between Archsign and Alleura entitled 'Q Luxe' - located in Kew, Melbourne. Kavitha's response at the luncheon was "The success of a project I always believe is having a great team and I believe that is what we have for Q Luxe, so thanks for all your help with it. I am hoping to start building in February 2018. So hopefully this time next year we will be in fit-off and nearing completion."

'Q Luxe' Conceptual 3D Render.

Medina Park

Archsign are thrilled to announce our collaboration with our long term clients CasProperty on a new luxury housing estate 'MEDINA PARK' located in Eumemmerring, Victoria, a tranquil suburb that is regarded as one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. This exclusive release consists of 13 designed homes across a number of different lots. Featuring striking facades with pronounced geometric aesthetics these luxury residences create a vibrant and exiting street-scape set amongst the rolling hills and gentle undulations of this private estate.


For more details and interest check out the official Medina Park website.

Frank Lloyd Wright Study Tour

Archsign team member Lachlan Michael and his wife Annie partook last month in a Study Tour to the United States of America organised by the Building Designers Association of Victoria, trailing the journeys and history of acclaimed American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. We asked him to share his story and insight experiences being also his first time in the United States.

 Lachlan and Annie at the Robie House, IL -  "Our tour group had a private cocktail evening at the Robie House. We were free to wander and explore the three-storey home".

Lachlan and Annie at the Robie House, IL - "Our tour group had a private cocktail evening at the Robie House. We were free to wander and explore the three-storey home".

Coinciding with the much-anticipated ‘Frank Lloyd Wright at 150 – Unpacking the Archive’ exhibition at New York’s MoMA, the Building Designers Association in collaboration with Impact Events ran a comprehensive 10-day architectural study tour through New York, Chicago and Madison. While the tour had an emphasis on Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, opportunities were taken to explore the greater contextual urban fabric both of past and present.


The ‘Frank Lloyd Wright at 150 – Unpacking the Archives’ exhibition at MoMA (New York City) marked the beginning of our exploration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s broad scope of built and unbuilt projects. On display were sketches, hand renderings, short videos, models, fabrics, furniture, lights, stained glass and building mouldings. A number of sketches revealed an interesting history behind the development of his famous Guggenheim Museum, where the size and location of the main rotunda changed numerous times, as well as the agreed exterior colour of the building. At one stage, Wright was insisting that it should be red (specifying rose marble).

 Rose Marble Guggenheim concept hand rendering at MOMA exhibit and as built, NYC.

Rose Marble Guggenheim concept hand rendering at MOMA exhibit and as built, NYC.


The Rookery – The name comes from the former building occupying this site, which had an open-air internal light well which attracted a large number of roosting birds. Built 1888, it is considered the oldest remaining high-rise buildings in Chicago. The lobby has been restored to Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1905 remodelling where much of the original exposed steelwork was covered with white marble with gold inlay stencilwork. Lights also designed by Wright. During restorations of the lobby commencing in 1989, heritage specialists decided to leave one of the original steel columns as a reminder of the original Burnham and Root design.

 Taliesin III (main residence & studio) and Plunge Pool.

Taliesin III (main residence & studio) and Plunge Pool.

Stonework laid in a particular way where long horizontal elements protrude to evoke a sense of being a natural element of the hillside landscape. Wright designed things to be in harmony with nature. Wright would use readily available, cheap materials throughout Taliesin, often re purposing materials. The background to this plunge pool is adorned by an arbour (painted in FLW’s favourite colour red) made of reclaimed plumbing pipes.

 The Taliesin is littered with numerous bespoke structures such as the midway barn and the Romeo and Juliet windmill.

The Taliesin is littered with numerous bespoke structures such as the midway barn and the Romeo and Juliet windmill.

 Frank Lloyd Wright works are prolific throughout Oak Park – the highlights being the iconic Unity Temple and his own home and studio (just a block away from each other)

Frank Lloyd Wright works are prolific throughout Oak Park – the highlights being the iconic Unity Temple and his own home and studio (just a block away from each other)

The Archsign Showroom

We recently fitted out our showroom with mounted prints of a range of our portfolio, printed on metal. Thank you Marie, Frank and all the professional team at 'PRINT2METAL' for printing and mounting our work. The crisp, high definition results you get with printing on Chromaluxe metal panels is very unique. We are thrilled with the result, already so many great compliments every time clients walk into the room. We highly recommend other firms to consider this company for showcasing their work.

Photographs by Archsign Marketing Manager Jean-Luc Syndikas

Check out the PRINT2METAL website and follow their instagram for full details of their services and products. 

To see more of our follow click on the link below

Archsign in Japan

Archsign Director Peter Lombo participated last month in a Architectural Study Tour to Japan, organised by the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV). From the excitement and soaring towers of Tokyo to the sacred shrines and Zenryoku of Kyoto, the 10-day study tour is aimed to uncover the rich design culture of Japan. Balancing Architectural, Cultural and Culinary experiences; there were visits to major projects in Tokyo such as the Midtown complex, one of Tokyo’s largest mixed-use developments, including a deluxe hotel, residential, commercial offices, retail, museums and impressively landscaped grounds providing much needed green spaces in this metropolis of over 20 million inhabitants.

On the other end of the scale, the tour enjoyed visiting traditional townhouses, temples, palaces and historic structures; and always ending the day with fine Japanese cuisine dining. The tour gives great networking opportunities with fellow BDAV colleagues, and the chance to meet the broader members. Peter recollects his experience of the buzzing central Tokyo with it's mammoth sized skyscrapers, how clean everything was and the amazing public transport system, moving millions of people daily that makes Melbourne's seem more a joke than it already is. Highlights were visiting the Nezu Museum, Nagoya Castle, the Kitayama Forest, the Kitayama-Sugi-no-Sato factory, a crazy robot restaurant and the mysterious and beautiful Mount Fuji.

2017 DULUX Colour Awards

Archsign was a finalist in the '2017 Dulux Colour Awards' last night for our little hero project 'Duplay' - A Cubby house designed for Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge. This project has certainly done some mileage winning Most Innovative Cubby and Most Melbourne Cubby at the Kids Under Cover event, then going on to win Most Innovative Small Works category at the 2016 BDAV Awards and now a finalist in the Dulux Colour Awards. It was fantastic to be a part of such a prestigious event held at the Melbourne Museum.

Neo Victorian

One of our recent single dwelling projects 'Neo-Victorian', is an example of how a well-considered design response can maximise the potential of a small lot. The proportions and layout of the dwelling facilitates flexible habitable spaces with high amenity. The attention to detail applied to the sculptural staircase creates a sense of occasion to the main thoroughfare whilst further enhancing natural lighting to the lower levels. Re-inventing the Victorian terrace proportions has yielded a bold design that positively contributes to the public realm, whilst remaining sympathetic the streetscape.

Kitchen, Dining Interior.

Front facade: Church Street, Fitzroy.


A new apartment complex by Archsign with construction commencing shortly. Designer Lachlan Michael wanted to make a statement encompassing the vibrant neighborhood with a striking contemporary facade, a tapestry of warm colours and hues. Named simply 'The Durham' on Durham Road in Sunshine, it offers a myriad of lifestyle options, making it a testament to modern design making and the most sought after residence in the area. 



Archsign is currently embarking on one of our most audacious heritage projects, located in the heart of Brunswick at 1 Barkly Street. From the moment the 1910 home named Glenvale – with stables that once kept Clydesdales and maid’s quarters at the back – came on the market, it was in danger of being torn down.

The house interior was described as a 'Time Capsule' A working gramophone, decades-old newspapers displayed on a hall stand, vintage cookbooks in the kitchen, and sepia portraits – all discovered during the clean-up – added to its romance.

The relic Edwardian, built 105 years ago, was bought by a developer for a remarkable $3.4 million at auction. Enter Archsign, with a bite for heritage conservation we have been chosen as the designers, to create 6 contemporary townhouses at it's rear whilst maintaining the front heritage home to be restored and partially altered at it's rear for added space as a single dwelling, making it the jewel prize of the lot.

Stay tuned for future updates. 

 Archsign proposed working drawings and 3D render.

Archsign proposed working drawings and 3D render.